This foundation, founded by the visionary leader Mr. Supriyo Dey’s charity, the MPSDEY Charitable Foundation, works continously hard to help improve the lives of people who live in rural areas of the country. We would like to make rural areas strong by using good ways to do things, new technology, and good morals.


MPSDEY CHARITABLE FOUNDATION is a new name of modern India for global charitable foundation committed to helping underprivileged people live better lives and creating healthier & prosperous futures for individuals as well as communities. It is our firm belief that India will never achieve its true growth story until the rural sector of the country is empowered to make choices and transform their own lives. Our sincere non profit effort is devoted to making the change you want to see in society.

As a public charity and grant making foundation, we are dedicated to making Health & Nutrition, Education, Water & Sanitation and Economic Development. Our aim is to ensure that this model can be replicated at scale across India and perhaps even the world equitable, comfortable, and thriving community for all. 

At MPSDEY Charitable Foundation understand the society’s need and the demand of the time meet non-profit activities and eventually lead to the much-needed change. We help people get meaningful opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. We are expanding from Mumbai: Gurgaon: Kolkata: Dubai to globally. We are on a mission to make this world a better place for all, and we are not alone in this journey.

The MPSDEY Charitable Foundation is committed to providing assistance to those in need and making a difference in people’s lives. We are dedicated to helping as many individuals, families, and communities as possible through our non-profit activities, such as sponsoring weddings of the less fortunate, providing funds for orphanages and old age homes, and financing education, rural development, and women empowerment. We are proud of our achievements and look forward to continuing our work in the future.

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An enabled and poverty-free rural areas of the India where the local communities are able of changing their lives.


To make thousands of lives across the country, every five years through all encompassing advancement over Wellbeing, Education, Water & Sanitation and Financial aids & Advancement by making an adaptable, replicable and community-centric demonstrate of maintainable improvement.


At our foundation the MPSDEY Charitable Foundation , we believe that the corporates & the Urban youth should partner with rural India, the Government and other non profit foundations which will be the key to create a permanent and irreversible solution that will benefit the overall rural Indian population.


Our plan is to involve rural communities with companies, young city people, charities, and the government to give them the power to carry out programs that improve their own lives and livelyhood