All of our followers have the same aim of helping improve rural areas in India. Together, we can make big changes in the places that it needed most and that’s why we keep moving forward. We work together to improve the world.

Experience Transformation

Watch firsthand as things are done and interact with the community.

Multiplier Effect on Social R.O.I.

Spend money carefully on projects to make the most of each rupee contributed

Transparency & Reporting

Audited project financials, annual reviews & field visits


A team that works together to create partnerships, share news and updates, and tell stories about how things are changing for the better.

Employee Engagement

Increase company's social responsibility, visibility in the community and team-building activities.

Working with us allows you to help change rural India in a complete way. We do various initiatives to help people with their health, education, water, and livelihood. We can work together with your CSR plan. Trust us and our aim to change the lives of people living in rural areas.