Introduction to MPSDEY Charitable Foundation

MPSDEY Charitable Foundation is a new name of modern India for global charitable foundation committed to helping underprivileged people live better lives and creating healthier & prosperous futures for individuals as well as communities. It is our firm belief that India will never achieve its true growth story until the rural sector of the country is empowered to make choices and transform their own lives. Our sincere non profit effort is devoted to making the change you want to see in society.

As a public charity and grant making foundation, we are dedicated to making Health & Nutrition, Education, Water & Sanitation and Economic Development. Our aim is to ensure that this model can be replicated at scale across India and perhaps even the world equitable, comfortable, and thriving community for all.

At MPSDEY Charitable Foundation understand the society’s need and the demand of the time meet non-profit activities and eventually lead to the much-needed change. We help people get meaningful opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. We are expanding from Mumbai: Gurgaon: Kolkata: Dubai to globally. We are on a mission to make this world a better place for all, and we are not alone in this journey.

Founded by Mr. Supriyo Dey, the MPSDEY Charitable Foundation operates with the single-minded focus of empowering rural India. Our vision is rural empowerment through best practices, modern technology and values.