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MPS Heroes

Sharmila Jadhav At Faouji Ambawade. a village where almost every able-bodied man has joined the Army 34 years old, Sharmila Jadhav turns entrepreneur and starts a desi chicken poultry to support her family.
Sharmila Jadhav
Abdul Gaffar Rahatvilkar made a conventional choice to work as an oil rig worker in Kuwait. But as he turned older, his health began to suffer and he returned to his village in Raigad. Today Abdul is reaping a lush crop of beans in less than year
Abdul Gaffar
Born and brought up in the so-called backward tribes and growing up lead her village as a sarpanch makes the story Kamal Jadhav truly inspirational and a shining example of the essence of Swades’ work.
Kamal Jadhav
The Swades Foundation takes pride in providing libraries in its school as we believe it is essential for a child’s holistic development. Rutika & Ravina – the Swades Stars – have fallen in love with books available in the library and have now become avid readers.
Rutika & Ravina
Puja went ahead and procured the vermin bed and installed the same in her one guntha land.
Puja Shivgan
Meet Gauri Krishna Mukne, an Adivasi woman whose story is awe-inspiring.


Gauri Krishna Mukne
New horizons opened for Karishma after she enrolled herself in the Swades Foundation’s SwaRakshaMitra (SRM) program. An SSC pass at the time of her enrollment, today Karishma is pursuing her final year in BA.
Karishma Pardhi
Sucheta Nakti is an innovator and a go-getter. A trained Swades SwaRakshaMitra, she became the first woman in the village to create a snake ladder health chart, which was displayed all Swades Foundation’s health program’s for the ease of learning.
Sucheta Nakti

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